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Welcome to - The Internet's premier poker portal, taking into the world of online poker, and making sure you end up where you wanted to be. If you want information on Poker itself, how to play, variations and the like, you'll find it in our wide range of information pages.

If you want to play Poker right now, we can let you know the best spots on the web to try your hand. We provide reviews of top poker rooms, and insight into what it takes to win in virtual Poker. If you're new to the game you can learn from scratch. The most common material people are seeking is the standard ranking of poker hands, which can be found on it's own page, and in printable format.

Poker is a game of skill, and unlike any other casino game, you can make your money directly off of the other players at the table, not off of the house. Even online there are opportunities to win from your contemporaries, and as many a poker fan knows, this can often be much easier than overcoming a statistically imposed house edge.

It's been said that over 70 million Americans know the basic rules of poker. There can be no question; poker is simply the most popular card game in America. Part of this is due to the fact that poker is such an adaptable game, played at kitchen tables with friends as easily as at the local casino competitively.

The growth of legalized land-based poker came close to explosive in the eighties and nineties. More than a thousand poker rooms have opened across the greater United States. The Internet is taking it's turn at real poker too, with software security finally reaching the necessary levels to pit player against player in a real money peer to peer game. If taking your game to the net sounds interesting, you've come to the right place. offers a smart look at playing casino poker online.

An Overview of Slot Machines That You Could Find In An Online Casino In The UK

For an idea that seems so simple, slot machines have come a long way from the days of one armed bandits with three reels and one win line. The online casino is one place you will be able to find a varied selection of slots; this is the place you should be looking to find your new favourite game. In the UK in particular slot machines are a popular activity.

From the AWP (alternate wheel play) slots that you often find in the local pub right up to five reel fully interactive video slots, an online casino will have them all ready for you to play any time of day or night. AWP slots are common in the UK and are often a person's first introduction to gambling. The types of bonuses that are found on slots vary from one to the other but in general you will find that they follow the same formula.

Free spins are won by matching bonus symbols, wildcards can appear at random and there is often a bonus jackpot that can be paid at any time. It is no wonder that people get so excited about slot machines. If you feel that you need to get to grips with this kind of gambling an online casino would be a great place to learn the ropes.

Fair Play In Online Poker

Many longtime card and video game enthusiasts are hesitant to seek out online gaming options because they feel unsure about the concept of Internet gambling. Many cite fears about privacy and financial security. Some of these doubts are relatively rational. Playing and betting online can increase the risks already inherent in gambling, but players can easily avoid the most dangerous and dishonest aspects of the online gaming world by making a conscious choice to adhere to responsible gaming practices.

Anonymity on the Internet gambling may scare a lot of people off. Whether or not an online gaming establishment actually poses any real threat to players, online casino visitors may be influenced in an unpredictable manner by doubts about hidden agendas and malicious or dishonest business practices. Although many card players suspect the online casino industry of causing harm to the tradition of gambling altogether, some indiscreet and disrespectful players may try to scam an online casino with conspicuous or unaccountable management and inefficient casino support teams.

The online poker community, however, has effectively protected its commitment to players' rights to fair and honest game play. This worldwide poker network is not made up of professional online casino and online card rooms; but rather and immense and intricate web of people and resources consists almost entirely of gaming fans, players, experts, and enthusiasts, along with some energetic and knowledgeable computer programmers and software designers, and specialized gaming news providers such as help can help keep you up-to-date with the latest-breaking poker online news such as everything there is to know about Full Tilt Poker.

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